Regional Briefings

LFN members can bring programs to their regions on the topics that interest them by organizing their own regional briefing! Literacy Powerline team can help to support the development of 4 briefings each year that are initiated and collaboratively designed by a LFN member organization.

If you would like to organize a briefing in your region, please contact LFN’s Executive Director, Kim Scott at to discuss your program idea and next steps.

Take a peek at the guidelines for helpful tips on planning your program.

Sample Budget for a Local or Regional Funders’ Briefing
This sample budget is intended to provide a quick overview of the potential costs of organizing a local or regional funders’ briefing that is six hours in length (9am-3pm) and involves 30 participants. For shorter briefings, the catering and documentation costs will go down, as would Literacy Powerline staff time. Costs such as transportation, AV, design, copying, and shipping remain constant
Staff Time Low End High End Notes
Planning, registration, implementation, follow-up $1,000 $4,000 Based on the extent of Literacy Powerline staff involvement; discounted below actual time spent.
Speaker Time $1,500 $3,000 Assuming two Literacy Powerline staff.
Speaker Travel Costs $500 $1,500 Assuming two Literacy Powerline staff, based on the distance traveled, the need for accommodation, etc.
Other Meeting Expenses
Meeting Location $0 $500 Meeting space is typically provided by a local foundation, but if a hotel is used, a room charge is involved.
Coffee/Tea Break $0 $300 Assumes 30 participants.Host foundation often covers this expense, but if the event is at a hotel, the per-person cost is approximately $10.
Lunch $450 $1,050 Assumes 30 participants at the cost of $15-$35/person, depending on venue.
AV (LCD projector, screen, microphones, recording, etc.) $0 $1,000 A local foundation may have this equipment, which is costly to rent in a hotel venue.
Supplies (name tags, folders, note pads, etc) $0 $100 The cost is nominal.
Design of promo flier and agenda. $100 $250 If using an existing template, cost is lower. Some local hosts have also prepared the flier in-house to reduce costs.
Copying of agenda and other materials $0 $0 Cost usually covered by local sponsoring foundation.
Meeting Summary $0 $2,500 Cost varies depending on length and type of document desired, whether a writer is hired specifically for the task or whether a local foundation host designates a staff person to take notes, whether the document is printed or distributed electronically, etc.
Estimated Grand Total $3,500 $14,200